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Sunday, 24 January, 2010

Thanks Viveka- 1

Effects of films in our society.

Just like a river each and every film has two ends. 1st of them accepted as good and other is called as bad. Here we have a debate that does a film  gives bad impacts for our society or it gives good massage for our society.
Most of us would like to say that it gives good massage to our society. Here I put my view that it is remarkable that almost all producers want to make such a film which is salable but this tendency is puzzling for our society. I am not denying that these films are satisfactory for young generation and give to view our life with its various aspect. But we cant ignore that in these films a number of scene use to put which are not acceptable. This tendency should be avoided because it give negative effects for our society.
Lastly we may say that as a chilly is good to use with vegetable but not good to use with milk, these scene are not acceptable.


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