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Saturday, 13 February, 2010

Love, Is it a relation based on expectation and compromise OR friendship and happiness?


 प्रेमदिवस एकदा मन्यते येन रक्तपातोऽल्पि कारयति।
वर्षस्य प्रतिदिवस घ्रिणादिवससम कुर्वन्न शर्म लभते।
न कोऽपि कथयति तं किमपि यः वितरति विषयुक्ता हाला
किन्तु सर्वे निन्दन्ति यदि मधु वितरति मधुशाला॥
(मेरी संस्कृत कविता ’मधुशालैकादशी’ से)

Love, this word is used in several meanings. This is the cause we cant define this word. If  I make a general statement than we can say every body has own definition, never the less we may consent this definition that Love is the power of life.

If I consider above mentioned topic (because this topic is kept on VD not to MD etc.) then I can say it is talking about something about friendship or related life partner not to others.
In this world there are two kinds of  lovers first of them who follow 'Bhakti maarga of love' and rest one follow 'Karma maarga of love'. These (Bhakti and Karm like words) are not  codyfied wqords. Iused these to explain my view regarding above mentioned question. In Bhakti, we   dedicate ourself to other one and act as a slave but in Karma marg we act as master. The half part of above mentioned question reflects the qualities of Bhakti Maargi and the rest patrs expresses the qualities of Karma Maargi.
As I think We cant approve  any of them. Because sometime we have to act as slave* but sometimes we have to act as a master*. Hance, I suggest we should think about situation and act according that because we cant ignore that expectation  and to compromise give us pain but we cant ignore them to do so and other hand besides this we need friendly behavior as well as happiness*.

*Do not take it as its narrow meaning.

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