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Monday, 26 July, 2010

36 Tattva of Kashmir Shaivism

1. Shiva Tattva
2. Shakti Tattva
3. Sadashiva Tattva (also known as Iccha tattva)
4. Isvara Tattva (also known as jnana Tattva)
5. Sadvidya (also known as Shuddvidya or kriya) Tattva
6. Maya Tattva
7. Kala Tattva(limitation of activity, authorship)
8. Avidya (ashudh) Tattva (limitation of knowledge)
9. Raga Tattva (limitation of interest)
10. Niyati Tattva (restriction)
11. Akala  (or Kaala) Tattva (Time sequence limitation)
12. Parusha Tattva
13. Prakriti (or mul prakriti) Tattva
14. Buddhi (intellect)– Faculty of judgement
15. Manas – Faculty of Imagination
16. Ahamkara – Personal ego
17. Sravanendreya (Hearing)
18. Supershanendreya (Feeling by touch)
19. Darshanendreya (Seeing)
20. Resanendreya (Taste)
21. Ghranendreya (Smell)
22. Vagendreya (Voice or expression)
23. Hastendreya (Handling)
24. Padendreya (Locomotion)
25. Payvendreya (Rejecting, Discharging)
26. Upasthendreya (Resting or recreating)
27. Shabdatanmra (sound)
28. Sparshatanmra (Feel)
29. Rupatanmra (Color)
30. Rasatanmra (Flavor)
31. Ghandhatanmra (Odour)
32. Akasha (ether)
33. Vayu (Air)
34. Agni (Fire)
35. Apas (Water)
36. Pritvi (Earth)

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